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Riccar Vacuums

At Riccar, we are driven by one passion – to make world-class vacuums. Other companies fret over selling the most vacuums. Riccar puts the emphasis on selling the most incredible vacuums. First and foremost, we start with performance. We’re obsessed with suction and with air flow numbers. We agonize over tiny tweaks to the motors, the fans and the seals seeking the most robust performance possible from each component we design. It’s no wonder that a company completely obsessed with cleaning performance reinvented the way a vacuum cleans.
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CleanMax Champ 12" Commercial Upright Vacuum With Tools


CleanMax Commercial Backpack Vacuum, 6 Qt


Prima Full Size Premium Power Nozzle Canister Matte Black


Prima Straight Suction Premium Power Nozzle Canister Matte Black


Prima Tandem Air Premium Power Nozzle Canister


Riccar Pink Ribbon Girls Special Edition Upright Vacuum


Riccar Prima Canister With Premium Full Size Power Nozzle R50FSN.2


Riccar Prima Power Team with Tandem Air Nozzle R50TAP.2


Riccar Prima Straight Suction with Turbo Nozzle R50SS.2


Riccar R21 Spirit Upright Vacuum


Riccar R25D.2 Deluxe Clean Air Upright Vacuum


Riccar R25P.2 Premium Pet Clean Air Upright


Riccar R25S.2 Standard Clean Air Upright


Riccar R30 Series Pet Model Tandem Air Upright


Riccar R30D.8 Series Deluxe Tandem Air Upright


Riccar R40 Series Premium Tandem Air Upright


Riccar SupraLite Cordless ULW Pool Blue 4YW


Riccar SupraLite R17 Premium Lightweight Vacuum


Riccar SupraQuik RSQ1.6 Portable Canister Vacuum with Shoulder Strap


Riccar Gem Handheld Vacuum 15' cord Black


Riccar Prima Canister with Full Size Power Nozzle


Riccar Prima Canister with Deluxe Tandem Air Power Nozzle




Riccar SupraLite Premium Ultra-Lightweight Vacuum With Charcoal HEPA Media Bag


Riccar SupraLite R10S.4 Metal Brushroll