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Miele Triflex HX1 Pro Infinity grey PF USA - SMML0

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Triflex HX1 Pro Color: Infinity Grey Pearl Finish
Filter: HEPA Lifetime Filter Material Number: 11423920
Dimensions (LxHxW): 45.3" x 8.75" x 11"
Complete Vacuum Weight: 7.9 lbs
Warranty Including Battery: 2 years
Easy Emptying of the Dust Container Vortex Technology

Miele has been a trusted vacuum brand for decades, and now they’ve introduced their first cordless machine: The TriFlex. This versatile vacuum is designed to be the only vacuum you’ll ever need to own. With a wide range of applications and a durable build, you can say goodbye to vacuum shopping after the Miele TriFlex. 

The TriFlex line is Miele’s first cordless vacuum. Now all the reliability, power and durability of Miele’s traditional corded vacuums is available as a convenient cordless machine. 

The TriFlex upgrades Miele’s innovative technology for the modern era. Gone are the days of lugging around a heavy machine just to get good power and suction. With the rise in the popularity of chargeable vacuum cleaners, Miele has found a way to combine the best of both worlds: all the power of corded with all the convenience and ease-of-use of the cordless. 

The trick to the TriFlex’s highly versatile nature is its unique, three-in-one design. 

Three machines in one

The Miele TriFlex takes on the duties of three different vacuum cleaners. Owning a TriFlex is like having a traditional vacuum, a hand vacuum and an extended reach vacuum all at your fingertips. With this Miele vacuum, you can ditch all the other machines and consolidate down to one compact, powerful vacuum. 

This wide range of flexibility means you’ll never need a bag full of vacuum attachments again. 

Reach Mode

The longest extension of the Miele TriFlex. In Reach Mode, the machine is poised to cover even trickier areas. In reach mode, the filter canister is on the handle end of the machine, balancing the vacuum and allowing it to effortlessly reach under and around furniture. 

Comfort Mode

Comfort Mode is ideal for routine cleaning. In this mode, the filter canister is located further down the machine, keeping the center of gravity lower and making vacuuming a more comfortable experience. 

Compact Mode

With Compact Mode, the Miele TriFlex is able to become a handheld vacuum machine. This mode is perfect for spot cleaning small areas, cleaning furniture, or reaching into crevices where a larger vacuum may not fit well. 

In Compact Mode, the TriFlex is at its lightest. This handheld version of the Miele TriFlex is easy to carry from room to room and can fit nearly anywhere, all while maintaining the same high level of power that the full machine possesses. 

Vortex technology

Mieles’s secret to powerful suction: vortex technology. This powerful design continues with the Miele TriFlex, which combines vortex technology with the strong XXL Electrobrush for unparalleled suction. The Miele TriFlex performs on par with Miele’s corded machines, so you can expect a complete clean every time. 

Additional features

The Miele TriFlex sports a host of additional features that set it apart from the competition. 

Hygiene lifetime filter


A hygiene lifetime filter lasts the life of the machine. No filter changes necessary. The TriFlex’s lifetime filter captures even the smallest particles from the air so no dust or debris is exhausted into the environment. A sturdy filter is essential for a vacuum to maintain good air quality in the home. The Miele TriFlex is a great choice for homes where occupants suffer from respiratory sensitivities. 

  • Multi-floor XXL Electrobrush 

The Miele TriFlex is equipped with a multi-floor XXL Electrobrush. This electric head brush keeps the perfect level of suction on the ground by auto adjusting to the floor around it. With the Miele TriFlex, you can clean hard floors and carpets of any thickness.

The Electrobrush is an extra-wide 28 centimeters, so you can cover more ground even quicker. 

  • VARTA lithium-ion battery

A powerful VARTA lithium-ion battery powers the Miele TriFlex. The pinnacle of German engineering, the TriFlex’s battery can last up to 60 minutes on a single charge. 

Freedom of choice

The Miele TriFlex is designed to fit your lifestyle. Whether you need a quick clean or you’re deep cleaning for spring, the TriFlex has the power and versatility to deliver. Capable of clearing all messes, large and small, the TriFlex is the ultimate in-home appliance. Experience clean without compromise. 

Excellence guaranteed

Miele has been a trusted brand for decades, and their vacuums never disappoint. With Miele, you know you’re getting a long-lasting, efficient machine. Unlike low quality machines, a Miele vacuum is an investment in your home. The TriFlex series represents Miele’s first foray into corded machines, and carries all the same quality guarantees that consumers have come to expect from Miele. 

• Made in Germany
• Powerful Miele-Made Vortex Motor™
• Cleaning performance of a full-size Miele canister
• 11" wide XXL Electrobrush for low to medium pile carpeting and smooth flooring
• BrilliantLight LED headlight
• HEPA Lifetime Filter and Fine Dust Filter for 99.99% filtration
• Comfortable hand grip with 3 power settings
• Easily parks upright Special HX1 Pro Features:
• Two Varta® removable batteries with 120-min run time, up to 2,690 sq. ft.*
• Additional battery charger