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Miele Care Collection

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Miele Booster capsules 6-pack maximum strength stain remover. WA CBO 0601 L


Miele CC2 Sensitive Skin Powder 1.8Kg


Miele Cleaning Tablet for Coffee Machine


Miele CottonRepair capsules 3-pack special detergent for cotton fabrics.


Miele Descaling tablets (Steam Ovens and Coffee Systems)


Miele Dishwasher Freshener


Miele Fabric Softener 1.5L (50.72 fluid ounces) 50 loads

$12.99 $15.99

Miele Reactivation dishwasher salt


Miele Rinse Aid


Miele Rinse aid, 17 oz.


Miele SilkCare capsules 6-pack silk and delicates detergent. WA CSC 0601 L


Miele Sport capsules 6-pack special detergent for synthetic fabrics. WA CSP 0601 L


Miele Sports Wear Detergent


Miele Ultra Color detergent

$29.99 $34.99

Miele Ultra Color Liquid, 2l


Miele Ultra White Powder 2.5 kg


Miele UltraDark capsules 9-pack special detergent for dark and black laundry. WA CUD 0901 L


Miele UltraPhase 2 - TwinDos premium hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent. 1.5l


Miele UltraTabs Multi, 60 units


Miele WA UP2 1502 L Ultra Phase 2 Cartridge Detergrent


Miele WoolCare capsules 9-pack wool and delicates detergent.


Miele WoolCare Detergent 2 Liter 67.7 Oz.


UltraPhase 1 - TwinDos premium detergent for colors and whites. 1.5l