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Genuine Sebo Parts

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Crevice Nozzle, 24" Flexible (black), with 1 1/4" cuff and includes 1995AD adapter, for all uprights and canisters


Felix Handle assy. Orange


Sebo D-series Dusting Brush (gray black)


Sebo Access Door with axle and spring for ET-1 and ET-2


SEBO Adapter-MY, from SEBO's 38mm handles and hoses to 1 1/4" non-SEBO attachments (steel/black)


Sebo Airbelt Replacement Textile, Stripes




Sebo Attachment Set - 3 piece, for X, G, 300, 350, and 370 (22" extension wand, 9' 2" stretch hose, and parquet brush)


Sebo Automatic X8 Exhaust Filter Cover (dark blue)


SEBO Axle with Wheels, Foot Pedal, and Spring, for G series (light gray)


Sebo Bag Holder, complete, for X series and G1/G2


Sebo Bearing Block, R.H. for X-series (arctic white/gray black)


Sebo Belt 219 3M HTDII-6 for X, G, 300 and 350 (sensor to bearing block)


Sebo Belt 2MR-310-6 for X and G (motor to sensor)


Sebo Belt 312 3M HTDII-6 for X1, X2 (motor to Sensor), 300 and 350


Sebo Brush Cover for X2/X5 (arctic white/gray black)


Sebo Brush Roller for X4, G1, FELIX 1, DART, K3, ET-1 and D4 Premium with ET-1


Sebo Brush Roller Set (soft bristle) for X5

$38.99 $41.49

SEBO Brush Strip for 370 and ET-C


Sebo Bumper for ET-1 (gray black)


Sebo Bumper for ET-1 Carpet attachment for (light gray)


Sebo Bumper Set for X2/X5


Sebo C Series Bag Holder Including 6170ER Safty Catch with Spring


Sebo Cable Hook for X4 (black)


SEBO Cable Hook for X4 (red)


Sebo Cable Hook for X4/X5 (arctic white)


SEBO Cable Hook for X4/X5 (dark blue)


SEBO Canister value pack Includes 5 Pieces


Sebo Chasis Assembly Complete, Automatic X4


SEBO Cleaning Wand X4/X5 and 370 (Dark Gray)


Sebo Cord Reel, D4


Sebo Cover, Dust Bag Housing (Dark Red)


Sebo Cover, Dust Bag Housing (Ice Blue & White)


Sebo Cuff (1 1/4") for Turbo Brush (6179ER), for use with 1995AD, for E3, K3, and D4 (black)


Sebo D4 Hose Neck with Wiring (8093)


SEBO D4 PCB w/switch


Sebo D4 wand assy.


SEBO Dust Bag Housing for X4, Complete with Bumper, Red


Sebo E3 Hose Hose, Handle, and Mains Cable


Sebo FELIX / DART Hose Duct (arctic white)


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