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Compact/TriStar Parts

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Compact / Tristar Hose, Black Electric W/Gas Pump EXL/MG1/MG2


Compact / TriStar Motor, EXL Type, 2 Stage, A101


Compact / TriStar Pigtail, Machine End W/Polorized Ends


Compact / TriStar Wand, 20" Metal W/Cord Clip and Button Lock


Compact / TriStar: Elbow, Swivel W/2 Leads MG1/MG2


Compact Brushroll, Power Nozzle 2-54/2-102


Compact TriStar Rear Wheel, Black EXL/MG1/MG2


Tristar/ compact cloth bag


Tristar/ Compact Pre Motor Foam Filter