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Cleaning Hydroxi Pro Wipes, 35ct

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Low-in store inventory may be subject to change

--- Ziplock bag packaging is temporary - they will be in plastic dispensers in mid to late April 2020 --



The latest innovation in pre-moistened, pop-up towels. HydrOxi Pro® Cleaning Wipes cut through grease, grime, and dirt. Our new Industrial Strength wipes are a fast, single step alternative to common cleaning methods. Powerful Hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning formula helps remove contaminates from most places without transferring harsh solvents to your skin.

  • For convenience, we offer a dispensing system for the Big Roll.
  • Place the bagged towel roll in the dispenser in any location for quick access.
  • Easy to install and cost-effective.
  • Available in our small tub size or our New Big Roll that includes 375 ct. large towel. 
  • They work great for bathrooms, kitchens, walls,  desks, tile, lockers, handrails, shelving, equipment, gyms, buses, etc.

Not sold in CA