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Central Vacuum parts

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Telescopic Wand button lock top friction fit bottom Chrome


116472 Lamb Vacuum Motor


117500-12 Lamb Vacuum Motor PREMIER


2" Central Vac PVC Pipe 8'


3-in-1 Mounting Bracket PVC


30' Electric Hose Direct Connect


30' Silver Hose, Low Voltage Gas Pump with Button Lock


30ft Electric Hose Corded


35' Basic Central Vacuum Hose


35' Electric Hose Corded with Cover


35' Hose, Gray Low Voltage W/Button Silver/Black


35ft Electric Hose Direct Connect with Cover


35ft Low Voltage Hose with Cover


4-Piece Central Vacuum Accessory Set


45 Degree PVC Vacuum Connector


45 Wye PVC Vacuum 3-way Connector


90 Short PVC Vacuum Connector


90 Sweep PVC Vacuum Connector


90 Sweep Tee PVC Vacuum 3-way Connector


Air Relief Valve for Central Vacuum Systems


Almond SuperValve Full-Face, Side-Opening Inlet Cover Kit


Beam Car Care Kit Deluxe 30' Crushproof Hose & Attachments


Beam Main PC Board Assembly, Q100


BEAM Q Dusting Brush Sumo


Beam Rear Wheel, RugMaster BM1393/BM1386


Brand new (not rebuilt) Lamb Ametek 122525 Motor


Cana-Vac Central Vacuum Bags, 3 Pack


Canplas E-Box ElectraValve Connection and Face Plate


Central Vac White Inlet Valve, W/Round Door Smooth Finish


Central Vac Inlet Kit, White 3-Inlet Square Door Low Voltage


Central vac Inlet Valve, Almond Low Volt Inlet Vacuvalve


Central Vac Inlet Valve, White Low Volt Vacuvalve


Central Vac Round Door Inlet almond W/Screws, Low Voltage only


Central Vac Round Door Inlet Valve, White Plastic W/Screws




Central Vacuum Motor - 116765


Central Vacuum Muffler, 12" White Exhaust Cylinder


Central Vacuum Pipe Strap


Combo Tool, Lt Gray, 10", Rug/Floor, 1 Pedal, Metal Bottom


CV Coupling, 45 Degree White Ell


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