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***NLA*** Genuine Rexair / Rainbow Dust Brush Bristles


14" Floor Tool, Gray Slotted Horse Hair Bristles Commercial: CM-5505


4-Piece Central Vacuum Accessory Set

$19.99 $24.95

6 piece commercial backpack kit universal 1-1/2" fitting


Air Cleaner, PureAir Fridge, Greentech


Beam / Electrolux Ultra Upholstery Brush - Square Neck 045068


Beam Car Care Kit Deluxe 30' Crushproof Hose & Attachments


Black Curved Wand, Plastic W/Swivel and Bleeder Valve


Black mini tool kit w adaptor to fitall


Blue + Cleaning Pad, 3 Pack for Rug Floor Tool Snap On Base D626-5005


Bumper, Canister Powerhead 25"-32" Vacubumper


Bumper, Canister Vac Large 42" Vacubumper


Bumper, Canister Vac Small 35" Vacubumper


Bumper, Upright 12"-14" Front & Up Side Width 6"


Cen-Tec Combo Tool, 10" Rug/Floor W/Pedals Black Mtl Btm


Cen-Tec: Miele Adaptor, Black 35 Mm To 1-1/4"x4" Long


Combo Tool, Lt Gray, 10", Rug/Floor, 1 Pedal, Metal Bottom


Crevice tool black flexible 1 1/4 x 24


Dust Brush, Natural Bristles, Black


Filter Queen Bare Floor Tool, Black Curved Plastic Elbow


Fit All Upholstry Tool / Black


Fitall Crevice Tool, Oyster White 1-1/4"


FitAll Floor Tool, Black, W/Squeegee


Fitall Wand, 1-1/4" Chrome Strght Uppr Lock/Lowr Friction


Fitall: Upholstery Tool, Gray


Floor Tool, 1-1/4" W/ Wheels 14" Black Horse Hair


Floor Tool, 1-1/4" W/ Wheels, Horse Hair, 12", Black


Hoover Bare Floor Tool, Extractor, F5912/F5914/F5915/F5918


Hoover Dust Brush, Black, WindTunnel Upright


Hoover Nozzle Clean Out Tool, Extractor


Hoover Upholstery Nozzle, W/Tab and Bristle Strip


Hoover Wand, 14" Gray, Empower/Foldaway, U5260/U5262/U5266


Hose Hanger, Gray, Garden Style


Kirby Wand, Straight Extension, G5, Cabernet


Miele Car Care Accessory Kit


Pet Tool Retractable Brushes


Proteam 14" Floor Tool, Hard Surface W/Horse Hair


Proteam Floor Tool, Purple/Gray 14" Comm 1-1/2"


Rexair / Rainbow Crevice Tool, Brown, D2/E2, W/Button


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